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- Day 24 - Advent

One day, someone said he couldn't go on an adventure without his handkerchief

On this December 24th, I close the 2018 edition of the Advent calendar, which each year turns out to be a little personal adventure that I like to share with you. I hope that these creations and the pretty photos taken by LightsFrom Attic will have made you travel, participate in a quest for small well-being and pretty artifacts that I made especially for this little end-of-year time.

When the darkness is more present, we have at heart to be more in the light (while soaking up this relaxing shadow), to enjoy, to be, like hobbits in a comfortable and soft hole where the kettle whistles and where there is always something good to eat.

The outside world is sometimes like a frightening Mordor, anger, upheavals, negative voices always rise with great force, and finding a small alcove in the middle of the tumult can be complicated. I myself had a bit of a state of mind this year to propose these little things to you when the situation in France was at the very least stormy. I stayed the course and thought that you have to know how to make room for softness and that there is always a place to rest.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Merry Yule, a Merry Christmas and may the little light of hobbits accompany your New Year!

Here, as a last creation, I propose you the adventure handkerchief! Let's reduce our waste, find alternatives to the disposable whole and do it with pretty textiles that make you want to. Personally I put a few drops of essential oils of my choice on the handkerchief to help me get through the germs and bacteria... and I wash my handkerchief regularly by hand by drying it on my radiators, so I always have a square of cotton ready to use, handkerchief, towel or simply to smell when the call of the smell of essential oils is felt !

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  • The calendar of the advent(ure) is a sweet parenthesis to my creations, during the beginning of December and until Yule, I propose you creations inspired by the nature, the forest, the mountain. I take you on a trip, sensitive, soothing. I am inspired by the traditional Danish Hygge. An everyday inspiration to feel good and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

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