3XL- fantom of the opera - Coffinshort - period panty

New product

  • Size : 3XL
  • Protection : STANDARD
  • Motif : fantom of the opera
  • Topper : (this is the fabric against the vulva) black organic cotton

A "boyshort" shape for maximum comfort. Jersey for softness and elasticity. Fun patterns.

vidéo explicative en cliquant là

Inside, a triplet identical to the washable towels

  1. waterproof fabric
  2. very fine special absorbent that nibbles up to 10x its weight
  3. black organic cotton that you will have against the vulva

Choose your size by measuring your hips, for hygienic reasons, no return will be accepted (for comparison, the picture worn, I size a 48/50 and I am comfortable in the 3XL)

More details

60,00 €

  • the pattern comes from Stitch Upon a Time