patchwork pillow ghosts

New product

    cushion with orange ghosts and pumpkins

  •     Size 24 x 24 cm (so it's a small size)
  •     black fabric back
  •     cushion sold with the cover because it is made to measure

In my quest to produce as little waste as possible with my creations, I decided to put forward my fabric scraps, before I only used them as an addition to my cushion stuffing - they give hold to my original cushions, such as bats or coffins, but some pieces are big enough to assemble in patchwork and it would be a pity not to put them in the spotlight! I choose my fabrics carefully, and if they can be used down to the smallest pieces, then woohoo. With a lot of time and care, I sorted out each size, each pattern and decided to turn them into unique and dark creations!

30,00 €