Washable demakeup pad

New product

Washable make-up remover wipe.

  •     Rectangle format
  •     Front: black
  •     Back: black

Dimensions :

  1.      7 x 9 cm
  2.      10 x 9 cm
  3.      12 x 9 cm
  4.      13 x 11 cm

Ecological, economical, practical!

A little underwater, a little makeup remover and hop... to clean them, a little water and soap, we dry them and the next day we reuse them!

More details

6,00 €

    •  A small recipe for an ultra-simple make-up remover:

      • 1/3 vegetable oil of your choice (a dry oil is always more pleasant.)
      • 2/3 water (or hydrosol to choose according to your skin)

      In a bottle. Shake before each use to mix water and oil.

      You can add essential oils (rosewood, palmarosa)

      It's simple, very economical, easy to do at anyone's house (everyone has at least oil in their cupboards)

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