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In the kitchen

maybe the favorite place for a witch....

where every potion is made... so grab your cauldron and trust me for the rest !

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  • Grocery - Marmelade - Tea
  • Arts de la table
  • Kitchen towels
  • Bowl topper
  • To the bakery

    Like many French people, do you pick up your wand from a baker?

    And you no longer want him to put it in a paper bag that you throw away when you arrive?

    Keep your baguette fresh longer and take this foldable bag in your pocket or bag with you to get the bread.

    Its closing technique is identical to that of my bulk bags, an elastic, easy to tighten and loosen. In addition, it allows you to hang your bag and its wand at home easily.

    A simple but practical accessory that I offer you in several different designs to suit your kitchens and tastes.

  • Cutlery purse
  • Bulk Bag for groceries
  • Witch's Apron
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