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Coffin Rock

Since 2009 I create everyday usefull artefact for people of the darkness

Autodidact Dark handmade woman, sweet and passionated I create useful objects to transform your home in a Haunted Mansion !

  • Unique creations or made in very small quantities
  • A rich and strange univers
  • Fabrics and embroideries that you won't find everywhere
  • An ecologic et reusable collection, zerowaste life !
  • Some of my fabrics are from organic agriculture


Self-taught, attracted by the worlds below, fascinated by DIY and fantastic creatures.

I navigate in several universes, sometimes a little more rock, sometimes gothic, connected to nature and its seasons, but always with a touch of witchery.

My creations are like me, they reflect my daily life, I try to make utilitarian objects as much as possible but I also like some decorative pieces!

I have a rather atypical professional background, I have tried several very different jobs, all my skills come together in my Coffin Rock project.

I make everything I sell, in my workshop, I do everything by hand, but I use machines for sewing and embroidery.


Ecologic et washable

It is important for me to propose alternative solutions to disposable.

  •      Washable menstrual pads
  •      Washable make-up remover wipes
  •      Washable nursing pads
  •      Tissue handkerchiefs
  •      Bags to weigh bulk
  •      Covers
  •      And many more...

Custom fabric

I have some of my fabrics printed directly from photographs I take during my travels. Some of the customizations are tributes to horror movies. This allows me to propose my universe and to offer you really unique collections, the fabrics are printed in Germany.

The people I work with

“. Stay Funeral . "

Milie and her zero waste and vegan shop Milie Nature

Ignitus and his incredible encens Ignitus Archegonis

Maïtena and Benoît from the zerowaste shop Ma droguerie zéro déchets

Grignotte et café with them restaurant and shop Grignotte et café

Ben for the Metal Hammer project

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