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Coffin Rock

Everything is handmade by my cares.

Discover all my universe !

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  • Accessories

    In the bag of the little Red Riding Hood.

    You'll find here everything you need to carry in your bag before discovering the world.

    Pouches, cases, glass case, books, card holder and much many accessories

  • Creepy kitchen

    maybe the favorite place for a witch....

    where every potion is made... so grab your cauldron and trust me for the rest !

  • Artemis's Bath

    Everything you need in your dark bathroom.

    Soaps, bath bombs, bath salt, showerflower, coffin washcloth, shower caps...

  • Cold chamber

    Have a unique style for your funeral bedroom

  • Into the Crypt

    Everything you need to decorate your crypt

  • skeleton closet

    patches and clothes

  • Children of the Korn

    For the little monsters

  • Pet Semetary
  • Gift certificate
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