Oven glove - tea time

New product

Oven glove

  •     motif : tea time
  •     inner side : lavender
  •     lining: star beige

These gloves are suitable for use in the kitchen. However, as with any oven glove, I advise you to be careful when handling hot food.

I have designed a shape that goes up well on the wrists to protect this area as much as possible, which I have often burned with standard glove sizes.

The gloves are sewn with a layer of heat insulating fleece on the pretty side and lined with flame retardant fleece + heat insulating fleece on the inner side which is the one to be used for holding the dishes. It is easy to recognize because it is solid coloured and has been quilted (the apparent threads that make a pattern here are diamonds)

So you have a double protection on the plain side to protect your hands to the maximum

48,00 €