- Day 10 -

New product

delicacies on the christmas tree

Here is enough to put pretty decorations on your tree, a traditional hair, but so greedy!

These gingerbread men and other decorations are available on my website and can be at your home in a few days...

  •     Small delicacies in felt
  •     Dimensions of pine cones 6.5 cm, other shapes between 8 and 10 cm
  •     sold by unit, please choose one of the following reasons

  1.      dark pine cone
  2.      light pine cone with brown embroidery
  3.      clear pine cone white embroidery
  4.      dark snowflake
  5.      dark heart
  6.      dark fir
  7.      clear heart
  8.      dark heart

More details

5,00 €

  • The calendar of the advent(ure) is a sweet parenthesis to my creations, during the beginning of December and until Yule, I propose you creations inspired by the nature, the forest, the mountain. I take you on a trip, sensitive, soothing. I am inspired by the traditional Danish Hygge. An everyday inspiration to feel good and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

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