Colorful flowers

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Dimensions of the towels :

  • Big : 28 cm x 22 cm (with wings and 10 cm width without) - ideal for the night
  • Medium : 22 cm x 19.5 cm (with wings and 9 cm width without)
  • Small : 16 cm x 13.5 cm (with wings, 7 cm width without) - perfect to wear in addition with a menstrual cup, for everyday protection or with a very light flux
  • Pack of 4 : is composed with 1 big, 1 medium and 2 smalls
  • Palm shape : one corner is more large and in a palm shape than the other

Colorful flowers PUL, inside black or white in organic cotton, double layer inside, closing scratch or pressions.

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11,50 €

  • When we are a girl, we regularly have what I call "her bloody encounters with her femininity" and inevitably, it is still common to use disposable towels and pads...

    Besides the fact that they are polluting to make, and to destroy, they can be allergens, are generally chlorine bleached and designed with chemicals, waterproof plastic can release odor not too cool, give a burning sensation and lots of things not too much funny...

    There are several ecological alternatives to collect its menstrual blood. The one I propose is a washable sanitary napkin.

    My explanatory video visible on youtube

    They are made of three layers, the first is waterproof and avoids staining the underwear, the second is a terry cloth pad, and the top layer is a soft cotton. They are in the shape of a standard towel and hold thanks to a scratch at the level of the fins. Once used, it is sufficient to rinse them with cold water, then either throw them in the washing machine, or wash them with hot water and soap-detergent. You can also soak them with tea tree essential oil.

    I suggest you read this wikipedia article about menstrual cups, which are an ecological and sustainable alternative for those who do not like towels and prefers tampons...

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