Interlabial pad - fantom of the opera

New product

  •  Dimensions: approx. 10 x 6
  •  Pattern : ghost of the opera
  •  Option: with or without absorbent between the two parts of the jersey (or jersey and cotton)
  •  Fabric : jersey on both sides, or jersey on one side and organic cotton on the other, inside on option, technical absorbent fabric
  •  possibility to choose them by unit, or by pack of 3, in pack of 3, do not hesitate to tell me in the message that accompanies the order if you have a preference for the patterns, otherwise I will choose from my stock at random

The interlabial petals. It's a mini petal-shaped shield. It folds between the lips.
They're useful for different possibilities:

  •      Redirecting blood forward or backward, it's very handy when you bleed in the center and saturate the pads too quickly (perfect if you always have leaks on the sides of the center of your pad).
  •     It pre-absorbs the blood, if you have your blood coming out quickly and your protection does not have time to absorb its intensity as quickly (the English term is gushing).
  •     If you practice instinctive free flow, if you have mini incontinence (the famous little drop when you laugh or cough), for cervical mucus or tampon leaks or cuts, then this is the thinnest and most discreet alternative.

Just fold it between your lips, several folding possibilities, test several and see which one suits you best.

The petals can be cleaned in the same way as other washable protectors. Rinse them with warm or cold water (or leave them to soak), dry them, reuse them during its cycle and then put them in the machine at 30-40°C with the rest of your laundry (net essential so that they are not devoured by your machines).

Alert: be careful when going to the toilet not to forget it and drop it.

3,50 €